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Aluminum Foil Container: Future meal green pioneer
Unconsciously, foil container began to appear more and more in people's lives, the most common is a metal lunch boxes on the plane. Because the foil container popularity in life is not high, the metal lunch boxes still often known as the "tin tray." In fact, to hear people's lives all the "foil" is aluminum foil.
Currently, most of the domestic restaurant shop is also used in plastic foam lunch boxes are, it is learned, probably China's annual consumption of 13.5 billion plastic foam lunch boxes. As the plastic foam lunch boxes "white pollution" one of the culprits, its dangers have been well known, not repeat them here. Early in January 1999, the State Economic and Trade Commission issued six orders on request elimination foam lunch boxes, they released "immediately cease production of disposable foam plastic dinnerware emergency notice" in 2001, be rectified. However, in early 2013, the National Development and Reform Commission tells foam plastic dinnerware were lifted, it sparked controversy the whole society, many experts in the field of food safety and environmental protection areas have been deeply puzzled.
Disposable foam tableware can be so "strong", the reason, the biggest problem is that the interests of mischief. None willing to raise the cost of small restaurants, hotels, abandon cheap plastic lunch boxes. A cost plastic foam lunch boxes need only a few cents, but the cost is a foil container was eighty-nine cents, foil container is several times the actual price of plastic lunch boxes.
In addition, awareness is one of the reasons. According to China Agricultural University, School of Economics and Management "foil container charity project" Research Group of Beijing residents to do a set of survey data show that although most residents recognized the many advantages of foil container, but there are some who feel that the use of foil container is a kind of "over-consumption", the behavior is a waste of resources.
Moreover, although consumers are more willing to use foil container, but outside the consumer Shique involuntarily, can only passively accept low-quality plastic lunch boxes provided by merchants.
Compared to plastic foam lunch boxes adverse effects on human health and the environment, a rising star in the field of lunch boxes - foil container in these two areas performed well.
Aluminum light weight, high barrier properties, can be moisture-proof, waterproof, corrosion, but also the shading. However, the foil container able to embark on the table, with the safety and health, lightweight materials, environmental protection and other features, but it can also be used directly on the fire barbecue.
Foil container completely complex national food hygiene standard containers, which ensures the foil container of non-toxic, healthy. Moreover, the biggest advantage foil container is recyclable, able to reduce pollution, conserve energy purposes. According to the study, very high recycling rate of aluminum, recycling of renewable up to 25 times the service life of up to two or three hundred years. In addition, foil container takes only two to three years will be able to weathering, it does not cause damage to the soil.
Although the foam plastic dinnerware rely on the long, unwilling to quit the stage of history, despite the "green" foil container due to high costs, it is difficult to promote open, but there are still many organizations and individuals campaigning, he initiated a lot of boycott "poisonous meal" to promote "green" foil container activities. During the APEC meeting in Shanghai, the Shanghai World Expo, the Beijing Olympic Games and other conferences, heads of state, athletes and venues to use room service personnel are foil container. It is reported that Shanghai World Expo will be held during the day, there are about 10,000 foil container is used, until the closing meeting. Thus, the foil container green performance has been recognized at the national level, and widely welcomed by international friends.
In fact, the popularity of aluminum foil in the international arena in the country is much higher than the European average per capita consumption of aluminum foil was about 1.5 kg, the United States also slightly higher, at 1.6 kg. In comparison, per capita consumption of aluminum foil amount is too small, only 0.6 kilograms, accounting for less than half of Europe.
However, as China's economic level as well as improve the related art aluminum foil, as of January 2009, our operating foil container manufacturers more and more, has more than 30. Moreover, producers of aluminum foil production capacity is also growing, in 2014, double zero foil light output reached 550,000 tons.
At present, China's foil container prices have dropped to about one yuan, aluminum foil meal cost reduction promotion will play a crucial role, with hard targets eco-friendly, "green" will foil container recycling of resources, reduce pollution and to ensure that human health and these play an increasingly large role.