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Eating Chinese takeout is the time to promote the development foil container
Core Tip: Chinese takeaway market meteoric rise, driven by the rapid development of the packaging industry lunch boxes, and "foil container" for its light weight, high barrier, UV, corrosion proof and long shelf life and other features, can better maintain the freshness of food degree and water, more in line with modern concepts of environmental health more and more fast-food takeaway market players of all ages.
Chinese takeaway market meteoric rise, driven by the rapid development of the packaging industry lunch boxes, and "foil container" for its light weight, high barrier, UV, corrosion proof and long shelf life and other features, can better maintain freshness and moisture foods more in line with modern concepts of environmental health more and more fast-food takeaway market players of all ages.
"Foil container" is defined
"Foil container" is the disposable lunch boxes aluminum, it is a new food distribution containers, lunch boxes compared to other materials, which has a light weight, high barrier, UV, corrosion proof and long shelf-life characteristics, but also because aluminum can better maintain freshness and moisture of food, more in line with modern concepts of environmental health.
Currently, the foil container used for aviation food, cake food retail and supermarket takeout chicken substandard food industry finished food packaging. In fact, as early as during the APEC meeting in Shanghai, foil container had become the heads of their preferred dining utensils, during the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the foil container is among the athletes and staff "swept" the one. The Shanghai Expo, foil container for the first time in the country to get large-scale application. It is understood that during the World Expo, the Expo staff only central kitchen serving per day in about 6000, the highest up to ten thousand copies.
Although the "foil container" Expo get a better application, but to promote the penetration rate is not high, propaganda still far from reaching the proper height, well not really integrated into the daily lives of ordinary people.
Promotion of "foil container" deal with "white pollution"
In China, the "foil container," the "silver box" for ordinary people in terms of also slightly strange, the market is still widely used plastic lunch boxes. Data show that more than disposable lunch boxes in the Shanghai market, almost 90% use polystyrene plastic lunch boxes. This plastic lunch boxes not only bring harm to human health, but also to the environment caused by the greater pollution.
Physical properties of the plastic lunch boxes when using the obvious drawbacks, when people use disposable foam plastic dinnerware dressed temperature exceeds 65 degrees Celsius heat food or water, this kind of toxic substances contained in tableware easy immersion food. If the excessive concentration of harmful substances, poison will be greater. Foreign study results show that human long-term absorption of disposable foam tableware chemicals will cause damage to the liver, kidneys. In addition to damage to the human body, this kind of "white pollution" to the environment also caused major damage. Waste discarded in the environment plastic lunch boxes, not only affect the cityscape and the natural landscape, but also because the degradation of the ecological environment is difficult to form a "potential hazard."
National and local authorities have promulgated relevant policies, laws and regulations prohibit the use of disposable foam tableware. Unfortunately, these substandard tableware still "prevalent" in people's table, in the case of state's repeated demands, but also just "turn forbidden to sell," has not been fully effective deterrent.
So, what materials to use to replace the disposable foam lunch boxes tableware it? Product light weight, consistent with national food hygiene standards, facilitate the recovery, no harmful substances in the process, and does not pollute renewable resources ...... These advantages make the "foil container" has become the preferred alternative to plastic lunch box. In addition, the "foil container" The main characteristic lies in a higher recycling rate, to conserve resources and reduce environmental pollution has a very positive meaning.
"Cycle applications" are "Aluminum" a big valuable properties. According to reports, the regeneration cycle of aluminum can be up to twenty-five times, service life of up to three hundred years, and secondary aluminum production can save a lot of energy. Every ton of recycled aluminum production accounts for only 5% of energy used per ton of aluminum, while carbon dioxide emissions by 91% reduction of hydropower production of primary aluminum, compared with the production of primary aluminum fuel power generation reduced by more than 97%. In addition, geological changes compared to the "white pollution" caused by aluminum lunch boxes placed in the soil can be weathered two to three years, and does not harm the land and implanted to form a continuous changing nature.
"Foil container" to promote the difficulty lies:
"Foil container" to benefit people's lives and the environment is obvious, but the meal is still in the beginning, "praised" position. The main reason, first, prices and costs compared to disposable plastic lunch boxes to be slightly higher, the second is the recovery issue, the recovery channel is not smooth, the catering business can not understand the whereabouts of recycling of aluminum products, can not receive subsidies from recycled aluminum, which also to abandon the use of the majority of catering enterprises foil container. Third, the problem of ideas. Although the "foil container" has many advantages. But many companies understand the lack of awareness of aluminum lunch boxes, deep-rooted tradition of consumer habits and price-sensitive nature, but also to "foil container" to promote a little difficult.
"Foil container" Promotion is the time
In recent years, with the improvement of people's living standards and public awareness of environmental protection, hygiene and enhanced consumer habits of civilization, to promote the "foil container" promotion provides the necessary material foundation and public opinion environment. Held in Shanghai in October 2015 16-18 Expo China is eating takeout Chinese fast food, take-away, group meals industry's only event for the promotion of "foil container" provides the best stage, "silver box" promotion is the time.
The exhibition also ad hoc "foil container" show its region, we will launch the "foil container" public campaign for the industry and the public to promote universal "foil container" knowledge. At present, WOHLER, age, Asia-Hong Xin with, TESD more than a dozen "foil container" packaging enterprises actively participating, is "foil container" collective action once the largest in history. Organizational unit hopes to attract more fast food takeaway unit through the exhibition platform, "foil container" production enterprises work together, using green lunch boxes, work together to build "low-carbon" life. Expo will also invite domestic and foreign catering companies and railways, schools, hotels, and other large-scale use of food packaging eating takeout business to visit the exhibition, the active use of foil container; also hope that through the media publicity and education, raise awareness of the "white pollution" hazard awareness, awareness of the whole society to change the environment, and guide people to develop good health habits and civilized consumption habits, the increasing use of "foil container", to build beautiful homes.

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